How to Organize a Successful Garage Sale

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A garage sale is a great way to get rid of extra stuff, but there’s more to it than setting items on tables and selling them. Here are some tips to help you organize a successful sale! Check Local Regulations ...

The Best DIY Home Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

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Selling your home and want to try home staging yourself? Here are the best tips to help you make your home appeal to buyers! Declutter and Depersonalize Decluttering is the first job you should tackle when home staging. Potential buyers ...

The Top Storage Solutions for Maximizing Space in Your Garage

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Putting a garage in proper order can be a major task, especially if you haven’t organized it in a while. If you’re ready to whip it back into shape, here are some of the top storage solutions for maximizing space ...

Bay Street’s Garden Tool Storage Tips

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Where and how you store your gardening tools makes all the difference in extending their life. Here are some garden tool storage tips to help you keep them safe during the fall and winter. Rust can be dangerous to ...

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