Where and how you store your gardening tools makes all the difference in extending their life. Here are some garden tool storage tips to help you keep them safe during the fall and winter.

Three rusted mini spades propped up on an old blue wall for garden tool storage.

Rust can be dangerous to your tools, and losing them to rust can be costly to replace.

Protect Against Rust

When you put your tools away for the colder months, rust can find its way onto the metal. Rust can be dangerous to your tools, and losing them to rust can be costly to replace. The best way to prevent rust is to thoroughly clean, dry, and coat the metal with motor oil. Motor oil is an old-fashioned method that many gardeners stand by. Another option is to use boiled linseed oil. This oil comes from the flax plant and is an eco-friendly alternative to motor oil.

Don’t Forget Wooden Handles

Taking care of any wooden handles is also important for garden tool storage. When wood is stored away for long periods, it can dry out and wear down. To prevent faster wear, clean and dry your wood handles completely. Then coat the wood with boiled linseed, walnut, or coconut oil. This layer of oil will keep dirt away and moisturize it. This will ensure the wood doesn’t become prone to splintering. Prep your tools in a warm place so the oil can penetrate the wood better for best results. For wooden tools in good condition, coat the wood once or twice. For older tools, three coats may be needed for proper protection.

Smaller Tool Tips

When it comes to smaller garden tool storage, keeping them organized and safe can be a challenge. We recommend storing them in a large plastic pin with a lid. This storage method allows you to label and keep your gardening equipment all in one place. So, when you need them again, it will be easy to find and retrieve your items. After cleaning and oiling your smaller tools, store them in your containers.

Large Gardening Equipment Tips

For your large gardening tools, like shovels and rakes, propping them up on the walls of your storage unit won’t quite do. They can fall over and get damaged, or knock other things on the way down as well. Placing a hanging rack for your large tools is a great option. You can also place them upright in a garbage can or old golf bag.

Take Care of Your Power Tools as Well

Your gas-powered garden tools also need to be taken care of. When storing power tools, clean each tool thoroughly to prevent rust, mold, or bacteria. Also, always wrap sharp blades with blankets or bubble wrap sealed with packing tape.

For your lawnmower, be sure to drain the fuel before storing it to allow the engine to last longer. Fuel left in your lawnmower can degrade plastic and rubber parts as well as attract moisture which can cause rust. Disconnect the battery and spark plugs too so the lawnmower doesn’t accidentally start.

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Your Storage Solution

Keeping your gardening tools safe is important so they can be ready to use in the spring. For your garden tool storage, a storage unit is a great solution when there’s no more room left in your garage. We would love to help assist you with your storage unit needs! We have two convenient locations in Post Falls for you to choose from, and we’ve got all your storage needs covered. We’re here to make your storage experience as easy as possible. If you need any help, let us know!