There are quite a few myths about self-storage flying around out there. We think it’s important to clear the air, so here are some common self-storage facility myths you should be aware of and the truths behind them.

Self-Storage Facilities are Not Safe and Your Stuff Will be Stolen

Unfortunately, storage theft isn’t a myth. We wish it was! But to combat it, any modern self-storage facility is going to have security features to make sure your stuff is safe in your unit. At Bay Street Storage, you can be sure our facilities are safe. We have security cameras, alarmed and enclosed storage units, both our facilities are fenced and gated that open with your access code, and each storage unit is covered under insurance.

A red can of gasoline sitting on gray asphalt, something you cannot put in a self storage facility.

Be sure not to put fuel, oil, or anything flammable inside your storage unit. 

You Can Store Anything Inside a Storage Unit

Some movies and media out there have upheld the idea that you can store anything in a storage unit. But that isn’t the case. Although you can store a wide variety of items in a unit, there are some things you can’t and shouldn’t place in your unit ever. Here are some things to avoid putting in your unit:

  • Perishables: like foods and beverages
  • Living critters: like animals, insects, and plants
  • Flammable items: like fuel, oil, and paints
  • Chemicals: like toxic waste, cleaning fluids, and acids
Only Hoarders Use Self Storage Units

Reality TV shows with hoarders are probably why this myth is so popular. And we’re sure that some hoarders own storage units, but there are thousands of reasons for someone to own a storage unit. Perhaps a loved one passed away and you need to store their belongings somewhere before you organize them. Maybe you’re a college student that needs to store your stuff while you go home for the summer. Maybe you are moving and need extra time to figure out where things belong in your new place. Or you just like to keep a storage unit to alternate out your winter and summer items. At the end of the day, self-storage can be for everyone!

Self-Storage Requires Long-Term Leases

You can breathe a sigh of relief because this myth definitely isn’t true. Whether you’re that college kid going home for summer or you’re on an assignment overseas for a few months, we get that only renting a unit for a few months is crucial. That’s why Bay Street Storage allows you to choose just how long you’ll be needing your unit, so you won’t be roped into paying for a year when you only need a unit for two months.

People Can Live and Sleep Inside a Unit

This is a pretty bizarre myth, and the answer to this is a big “no.” People cannot live or sleep in a self-storage unit…or a self-storage facility, for that matter. For one, it’s illegal. But another thing to keep in mind is storage units are designed for storing items, not people. They’re meant to keep out dust, dirt, water, and sunlight from affecting any stuff inside. If a person were to live in a unit, they’d have a rough time as it’s not a conducive living space.

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Self-storage is a convenient and affordable solution to turn to when you need some extra space in your life.

Bay Street Storage

Myths can deter some people from getting a storage unit, but don’t be put off! Self-storage is a convenient and affordable solution to turn to when you need some extra space in your life. If you’re looking for a self-storage facility to rent from, we would love to help assist you! We have two convenient locations in Post Falls for you to choose from, and we’ve got all your storage needs covered. We’re here to make your storage experience as easy as possible. If you need any help, let us know!