One of the biggest problems many homeowners face is not having enough storage space in the home. Fortunately, we have a few simple tips to help you out! Check out how you can simply increase your household storage space.

Get Furniture that Multitasks

Nowadays, you can get furniture that not only looks good but will also help with household storage. Beds and couches that lift up to reveal hidden storage space, ottomans that double as storage, and even window seats with cubbies in them are all great options to consider. This way, you can store bed linens, blankets, suitcases, and more neatly without taking up closet or garage space.

Find Dead Space

Instead of cramming more items into spaces they won’t fit, look for dead space in your home that you can utilize for smart household storage! This can include small recessed areas, bottoms of closets, corners of rooms, under a bank of windows, or underneath staircases. These are spots shelving or cubbies can go to place board games, kid’s toys, video game systems, and extra clothing. Using dead space is a great way to squeeze in extra storage space while keeping items out of view.

Kitchen with shelves that have assorted bowls and cups and hanging items to enhance household storage space.

Think vertically and display items while also storing them!

Think Vertically

It can be easy to forget that your wall space can also be used for storage. Not all storage items need to be hidden from view. Sometimes you can think vertically and display items while also storing them! Shelving is a great easy option to use, as you can put them in bedrooms to store books and your alarm clock or have them in the kitchen to show off cookbooks and glasses. You can also place a ceiling hanging rack to hang up your pots and pans in your kitchen. This way, you can free up more cabinet space for kitchen gadgets while also neatly displaying your cookware!

Utilize the Backs of Doors

Don’t forget the backs of doors! You might hang your towel and robe on the backs of doors in your bathroom, but other doors around your home can also be used for storage. Doors in the kitchen can be used to hang up aprons, kid’s bedroom doors can have hanging cubbies to hold toys, and closet doors can hold extra shoes and bags in hanging compartments. And if you’re a big book reader, you can hang books on the back of a door with transparent compartments to make it easy to see the titles. There are many options to utilizing back-of-door storage!

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If you’re still lacking household storage space, consider renting a storage unit from Bay Street Storage.

Still Too Much Stuff? Get a Storage Unit

If you’ve followed these tips and are still lacking household storage space, consider renting a storage unit. A storage unit can free up valuable storage space while storing seasonal items, books, furniture pieces, and even electronics safely and securely. Bay Street Storage would love to help assist you! We have two convenient locations in Post Falls for you to choose from, and we’ve got all your storage needs covered. We’re here to make your storage experience as easy as possible. If you need any help, let us know!