No more clutter-filled playrooms! Here are some playroom organization and storage ideas to transform your kid’s play space and keep clutter under control.

Always Declutter First

The very first step to organizing any space is to declutter it first. And if you feel like you’re drowning in your child’s toys, this will probably be a welcome first step. But where do you start?

The easiest way to get started is to find all the bits of broken toys and games with missing pieces. These likely aren’t salvageable and can be thrown straight into the trash. Next, if there are any toys your child has aged out of and clearly no longer plays with, they can be donated or stored away in case you have another baby down the road. These are steps that are better to be done without your children so that they aren’t overwhelmed by the process.

The last part of the decluttering process, looking for toys your children feel they can give up, is when you can get them involved. They can go through with you and choose the toys that are their favorites and must-keeps, and toys they think other children might love to play with.

Divide Space into Departments

A key to playroom organization is to create departments or zones such as a reading nook, a craft corner, or a free play area to help keep the clutter minimal. By providing these zones with dedicated storage space, you can help keep their things in place without worrying about a clutter explosion. It can also help the clean-up process as the departments make it easy for kids to know what goes where.

Get Furniture That Does Double Duty

If you’re going to add furniture to your playroom, make sure it’s working double duty as a storage solution, too.

Looking for a table and chair set for crafts? Look for one with built-in drawers or storage. Want to create a cozy reading nook? Get a seat that can double as book storage. The inverse can also be true! If you’re looking to buy a toy box, hunt down one that also functions as a bench. By shopping with storage in mind, you can increase the organization and decrease the clutter in your children’s playroom.

Utilize Cubbies

Cubbies or cube storage units are a fan favorite for playrooms for a reason. They are an easy solution to keeping a playroom looking decluttered and organized, especially if you use crates or bins, as they’ll keep toys hidden from view.

Best of all, by labeling your baskets, you can ensure your kids (even your little ones) know where their toys go when they’re done playing with them. If you’ve got young ones, labels with words and pictures work great to help kids understand where to put toys in the correct spot and where to find certain toys when they want. Just make sure your cubbies don’t go up too high – you want your kiddos to be able to reach all the baskets without dropping them!

Consider Rotating Toys

Got a lot of bigger, harder-to-hide toys or feel like there are still too many toys for your playroom? Consider rotating toys.

Toy rotation is what it sounds like. You will gather up all the toys, make several groupings, and use one group to set out in the playroom for your kids to play with. Store the other groups away in your basement or a storage unit. Then, you’ll rotate toys – every week or two you’ll remove the toys in the playroom and replace them with another group of toys. Since toys are split up into smaller sections, this means you’ll be dealing with easier clean-up, less clutter, and kiddos that are more interested in their toys as “new ones” are reintroduced.

Don’t Allow Toys to Migrate

Playroom organization is essential for a clutter-free space. But it’s also important that toys don’t migrate out of the play space so you can have a clutter-free house. Having a stuffed animal or a toy fire truck floating around your living room is just life with kids, but it’s important to recognize that your entire house does not have to be a playroom. It’s okay to have boundaries about where toys can and cannot be. You can have adult spaces that are just for adult things. Remind and enforce the boundaries that most toys need to stay in the playroom and can’t go on adventures out.

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