Putting a garage in proper order can be a major task, especially if you haven’t organized it in a while. If you’re ready to whip it back into shape, here are some of the top storage solutions for maximizing space in your garage.


Installing shelves is probably one of the most essential storage solutions for your garage. It can hold a variety of items from seasonal décor to sports equipment and is perfect for keeping things off the floor.

To decide how many shelves and what type of shelves you should go with, think about your needs. If you’re going to be storing a lot of items (including some heavier things like boxes and tools), wire shelves might be right for you. They’re sturdy and can be relatively cheap so you can fill up your garage easier. If you have stylistic concerns, shelves with a wood finish might be what you’re looking for. Wood shelves are a great place to store family photo albums, old art projects, and seasonal décor.


Cabinets are another solution to keep items organized and off the floors. Lining one wall with cabinets or cupboards is a great way to store items and also keep them out of sight. Unlike shelving, cabinets can also be locked for items that need to be stored securely, such as expensive tools or harsh cleaning chemicals (to keep safe from kiddos).

Cabinets can also create a more finished look, elevating your garage from outside storage to another room in the house. Cabinets can also make it easy to store by categories, as each section can be used for a grouping of things, making it easier for you to remember where things are. We recommend labeling the unit doors or drawers so you can locate items more quickly.

Overhead Storage

Don’t forget the ceiling! Your garage’s ceiling has major storage potential you don’t want to miss on utilizing. Overhead storage is especially good for people with garages that are short on places to stash stuff. All you have to do is install racks on the ceiling to store items you don’t use often. Make sure they’re installed properly so they don’t fall from the ceiling. This project can be especially tricky if you don’t have much experience building projects, so call up a handy friend or contractor to help you out.

Zones for Sports or Activities

Need storage solutions for all your sports equipment or gardening tools? Create zones for them. Having zones for your items will mean you and your family will always know where they belong, and it can leave your garage looking cleaner.

For large gardening tools, bikes, skateboards, and scooters, it’s best to utilize vertical space. This will keep things off the ground and make it a lot easier to maintain a clean garage. Hang up your shovels, rakes, bikes, and skateboards, and you’ll gain a lot of floor real estate. When you’re planning where to hang items, make sure you keep everything in its own zone. For example, hang your gardening equipment close to where your other smaller tools will be stored so you can have everything easily accessible in one zone.

For camping or sporting equipment (bats, balls, gloves, etc.), store them on shelves in large totes or plastic containers. This way, all the smaller bits, and bobs won’t get lost. Keep shelves dedicated to one grouping for easy remembering. For example, have one shelf for camping equipment, another for sports items, and so on.


Another way to utilize the vertical space in your garage is to use pegboards. Pegboards are an inexpensive way to keep things like tools and other small items neatly organized.

By relying on pegboards rather than a toolbox, you’re not only clearing up floor space but you can keep frequently used items in plain sight. If you want to take the organization to the next level, you can trace the outline of each tool on a pegboard so items always return to the same place.

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