Ready to get into spring cleaning mode? Here are some tips to help make your home really sparkle this year.

Make a Detailed Home Cleaning Checklist

Spring cleaning can be intense, especially when it involves your entire home. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea, break up the work by tackling one room at a time. Going into spring cleaning with a detailed plan will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. For example, if you’re aiming to finish everything over a few days, create a checklist for each day that covers the area you want to target and the tasks you want to complete.

We recommend also splitting rooms or responsibilities with your partner or family members, so you’re not tackling this big cleaning project by yourself. And don’t forget to make a playlist of your favorite jams to help you be more motivated to declutter and clean!

Categorize Belongings

The spring season is the perfect time to part ways with some of your less-used items. After all, this process isn’t just about cleaning and moving your items around. As you go through your items in each room, sort everything into five piles: keep, sell, donate, store, and trash.

  • Keep – These are items you don’t want to part with yet. But if they’re adding to the clutter in your home, they may need a new space to call “home.” Don’t be afraid to do a little shuffling and figure out where these items fit best. For example, if you find the décor on your counters just feels like it’s adding more clutter, it may be better suited on a mantle or in a bookcase.
  • Sell – Selling tech, furniture, and other old items is a great and eco-friendly way to get rid of your items instead of tossing them. Plus, you can get some more cash in the process!
  • Store – Seasonal items and items you love but don’t use that often are perfect for storing in a self-storage unit. You can have easy access to your items when you need them, and they won’t take up extra space sitting in your garage or closet.
  • Donate – Donating your items to Goodwill or even a family member or friend can be a wonderful way to rehome some of your gently loved belongings. If you’ve only used an item once or twice within the last year but it’s in good condition, it may be time to give it away.
  • Trash – Not everything can be donated or sold, and that’s okay. If you’ve got trash or broken items, be sure to toss them so they stop taking up room in your home.
Put Away Winter Items

Speaking of storing seasonal items, spring means the weather is warming up, and it’s time to put your winter items away. Some items you can put into storage include:

  • Winter outwear and sweaters
  • Winter boots
  • Winter sports gear
  • Shovels
  • Snowblowers

No matter what winter items you store, be sure everything is cleaned thoroughly beforehand.

Work from Top to Bottom

When you begin the cleaning process, always start from the ceiling and work your way down. That means working with gravity and cleaning up high first so dust and debris can settle to the ground before you take care of the floors (as your last step). If you don’t clean top to bottom, you likely will have to redo a spot or two down the line. That just means more work for you and more wasted cleaning supplies. Work smarter, not harder, and make less work for yourself by starting up high and working your way down.

Deep Clean

Now for the actual fun part. Time to deep clean! Deep clean spots in your home that you might not normally get to when you’re regularly tidying up. This includes floorboards, behind the toilets, and ceiling fans.

Start with the largest room in your home and slowly move on until you’ve cleaned your entire home. If this is too overwhelming, do the opposite. Start in a smaller room with an easy task – like cleaning the mirror in your bathroom. No matter how you tackle it, you’ll soon be left with a clean home and a fresh start.

Don’t Forget Odd Jobs

Don’t forget to tackle odd jobs you only do a few times a year! It might not always be fun, but it’s worth it to get these dreaded tasks out of the way, whether it’s cleaning the oven, cleaning out your refrigerator, or removing stains from your carpet. Along with those tasks, some other home cleaning tasks you don’t want to forget include:

  • Clean air vents
  • Change out air filter
  • Wash outdoor furniture
  • Toss expired makeup and pantry items
  • Unclog drains
  • Polish hardwood floors
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