If you’re expecting a baby, it’s time to prepare and organize your home for your little one’s arrival! Here are some tips to help you welcome your baby into your home.

Make Some Room

Your baby may be small, but his or her gear will take up a lot of space! Even if you think you have enough space, your home can become quickly cluttered with the crib, changing mats, toys, bottles, and clothes. Before baby comes home, spend some time decluttering and making some extra room for them. It might seem like a hassle now, but when your little one arrives, you’re going to be tired, and glad you took the time to organize now.

Go through your home and look for things you don’t need or want anymore. This can include books, clothes, hobby equipment, and kitchen gadgets you don’t use. Even clearing out a little bit of stuff will make a difference in making more room for your baby.

Consider Long-Term Storage

Storage, especially long-term storage, can be a parent’s best friend. They can be helpful when you bring your baby home and as they grow and change.

When decluttering your home for your baby, you don’t have to toss or donate your items. Instead, you can store them in a storage unit where you can access them whenever is convenient. If you’re clearing out an office or spare bedroom for your baby’s room, the furniture can be placed in storage as well.

And as your baby begins to grow, their clothes and toys will become too small for them to use. If you plan on having more children or just want to hold onto some memories, storing baby gear and clothing in a storage unit is a great idea. It can ensure everything is stored in great condition and help you save a lot of researching and shopping for baby items for a second time when the next baby is on the way.

Gather Essentials and Make Organization Stations

No matter how many of the daily essentials you think you may need…you will always need more. So gather lots of essentials! Some parents may use washable cloth diapers, but for those using disposables, running short on supply is never a good time. Family and friends will likely get you plenty of newborn-size diapers, but don’t forget to stock up on different sizes as well. You never know how big your baby will be until they arrive, and having multiple-size diapers ready for them will ensure you’re prepared.

When you gather your supplies, you can begin to make organization stations around your home. They’re great tools to help you focus on caring for your baby rather than constantly searching for supplies, and can be utilized everywhere. Consider making stations for:

  • Nursing – wherever mom plans on nursing, consider having a nursing station set up to use. Whether it’s a basket or rolling cart, keep nursing and pumping supplies, as well as a phone charger, book, and snacks and drinks for mom.
  • Formula feeding – if you’re choosing to use bottles or formula feed, create a station in your kitchen for bottles, different nipples and tops, formula, as well as supplies for washing bottles.
  • Changing – having multiple diaper stations around your home will make changing easy and convenient. Add diapers in multiple sizes, wipes, diaper cream, and a mirror or toy to keep the little one distracted if they get fussy.
Make Things Easy

Being a parent is hard, so while you have some time before baby comes, make things easy for your future self. Make food in large batches and freeze them for when you have a long day (or night). Deep clean your home now so that after birth, you can enjoy time with your baby instead of worrying about chores. Ensure you have a support system around you as well. If you’re a new parent, your new life with a baby can be hard, and it’s important to have other people to lean on.

Give Yourself Grace

We said it once, and we’ll say it again: being a new parent is hard! Raising a baby comes with unique challenges for new parents, especially in the first year. Newborns need to be fed often, they’ll cry and keep you up, and you’ll have to make time to care for their needs as well as your own. You may make mistakes as a new parent, and that’s okay – it doesn’t make you a bad parent. It just means you’re getting the hang of having your first baby. So remember to give yourself grace and be patient with yourself.

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