Planning to remodel a space in your home? Here are some ideas to store your stuff that will help ensure a smooth remodeling experience.

Move Everything Out of the Way

Before you start your remodel, you need to decide what items need to be stored away and what can remain inside your home. Items in the room to be remodeled are obviously going to need to find a new home, but think about other spaces too. Even if only one or two rooms will be worked on, you should remember that the path to these rooms should be cleared to prevent accidents to your furniture or items. Also, store items hanging up in neighboring rooms to prevent them from falling as a result of hammering from workers.

Cover Some Items Up

You’re not going to move everything out of your home, especially if the remodel is only in the kitchen or bathroom. But if the room you’re remodeling is close to another, like the living room next to the kitchen, then you might want to be proactive about keeping that furniture safe during the remodel.

Covering things in cloth or plastic can help protect your items from dust and the remodeling process. Just make sure the cloth or plastic is clean and large enough to cover everything you want to protect. If you want to cover a bookcase or shelves, you’re going to want to remove everything from them first. Then, cover the empty shelves in a cloth before the remodeling work starts.

Store Smart with Racks and Bins

When storing your stuff, cardboard boxes might seem like the easiest and most reliable way to store your stuff. But there are better alternatives out there.

Stackable bins will save you space and make it easier to carry more than one container. Plastic stackable bins are perfect for a home office remodel, as plastic bins can handle the weight of paperwork piles better than cardboard boxes. Some are also see-through, making it easier to know what is inside each box.

And for clothes – don’t use boxes to store your items when you’re going through a closet remodel. Rolling clothing racks are perfect for easily moving your clothes from rack to rack. They will also allow you to have easy access to your wardrobe during the remodeling process.

Use Another Room for Storage

If you have the space in your home, you can store things in another room to get them out of the way during your remodel. Rooms in your home have the benefit of being close, so you can grab what you need quickly and easily, but you might not have space to spare directly in your home.

If you have a garage or basement, those are great options too! Put your well-packed boxes and items on shelves or on the floor (if you’re doing this in the garage, place a tarp down first). The only thing is your garage or basement may deal with moisture, temperature fluctuations, and bugs. You know whether your garage or basement is ideal for keeping your things during your remodel.

Ask Friends or Family for Some Storage Space

Another option for storing your items during a remodel is to phone a friend (or family member). If you know someone close to you that has an unused room in their house or a big garage, this can be an opportunity to ask them for a favor.

And sometimes, asking to share space is an easier task than helping your move – after all, remodels end after a short time and you’re not asking them for any physical labor. Just remember to thank them for their generosity if they do agree to help you out. Buy them dinner, offer to get their house cleaned, buy them a couple cases of beer, whatever you can think to thank them.

Rent a Storage Unit

Renting a storage unit might be the best way to store your items while you go through a major remodel. They are an effective, affordable, and safe option to store all your things – artwork, furniture, books, appliances, jewelry, clothes, books, and anything else you need to safeguard for several weeks, months, or even years.

No worrying about items being lost, stolen, or damaged. And no worrying about running out of space or bothering a friend when you need to grab something. Self-storage units come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, and you can visit whenever and for however long you need.

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