A little planning ahead to make sure your storage unit is organized will save you from headaches later on. Here are a few of the best ways to organize your storage unit.

Be Descriptive with Labels

First things first: label everything. One of the most important aspects of organizing your storage unit well is labeling your boxes. When you’re looking for that one box with the turkey roasting pan, but don’t remember which boxes are for the “kitchen” and which are for the “bathroom,” you’ll be in for some stress.

Avoid this rookie mistake by labeling each box and doing it descriptively. Instead of writing “kitchen” on a box, be specific and put “kitchen pans” or “kitchen gadgets.” Also, make sure to label the top and at least one side of each box. That way, if it’s stacked, you can put the labeled side facing out so you’ll still be able to know what’s inside. Numbering your boxes can also be handy (we’ll tell you why soon).

Figure Out What Items You Need to Access the Most

Not everything you store you’re going to need to access all the time. But things you don’t use regularly when you’re packing might be needed later on. Carefully consider what you may still need to grab quickly and easily while your items are in storage. Some things you might want to consider include:

  • Summer or winter clothing
  • Trip supplies (tent, sleeping bags, sleds, etc.)
  • Tool and hobby supplies
  • Office documents
  • Holiday items (decorations, costumes, bakeware, etc.)
  • Kids toys

These items should be placed closer to the front of your unit. Items you won’t need, like an old TV or furniture piece, can sit at the back of the unit.

Create a Master List

Creating a master list of your unit will help you when you need to locate a box or even a specific item quickly. And here’s where the box numbers become important. On a pad of paper, write down the contents of each box along with the box number. This can seem like a burden, but this will become extremely useful when you have a big unit where some boxes aren’t in view.

If you’re itching to take it a step further, you can also make a map that details where everything is stored. For some, this could seem like too much. But for those wanting to streamline the time they spend looking for items in their unit, this is a great call.

Leave Pathways

Packing and moving boxes are hard enough, so placing them tightly together in the storage unit back to front sounds like the easiest way to do things. It’s an option, but it can easily become an unnavigable maze, not to mention you’ll never be able to reach anything in the back of your unit without removing everything. Save yourself from future pain by putting in a little work now and make a center aisle. You’ll still have plenty of room for your items, but this way you can reach any box or item at the back of your storage rental.

While we’re on the subject of making a little space, don’t forget to add a little space in between your boxes in your unit. This will allow for air circulation, so things don’t get dusty or musty. Leave a little space between the walls of your unit and your items. If you can, put boxes on top of pallets so air can get in and ventilate the space.

Go Vertical

With all the space, don’t forget to go vertical! Your first thought may be to stack your boxes, but you can also place sturdy shelves along a wall in your unit to utilize more space. If your unit isn’t for long-term use, stacking your boxes is a great way to use vertical space. Just remember to stack boxes with these guidelines in mind:

  • Stack from back to front in order of need. As we mentioned above, the items you access the most should be kept closer to the front.
  • Put large, heavier boxes down first and stack lighter ones on top. Be careful of how high you stack your boxes. If you stack boxes above your head, the whole stack is susceptible to falling, creating a hazard for you and anything breakable you’re also storing.
  • Consider a brick-wall pattern when stacking the same size boxes. It might seem inefficient, as you’ll have spaces on the end of your stack, but the brick-wall pattern allows you to remove and replace boxes without moving the boxes above.
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It’s Time to Get Storing

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