If you’re preparing for a move or need to store away fragile items, there’s a right way to pack and store them and a wrong way. Here are our tips for packing and storing your fragile items so you can be sure it’s done the right way.

Stock up on Packing Materials

When it comes to fragile items, it’s best to stay away from used, flimsy boxes. Flimsy boxes don’t offer much support and can break more easily. Instead, get sturdy boxes that can protect your items better. New cardboard boxes will work well, but if you want to go the extra step, triple wall corrugated carton boxes are thick boxes that can offer more protection for your fragile items.

Once you have your sturdy boxes, don’t forget to get plenty of padding as well. Padding will ensure in case the box is dropped, jostled, or bumped, your fragile items will stay safe. Bubble wrap, foam peanuts, foam board, newspaper, and cardboard dividers are all great padding supplies to have on hand to help you.

Handle Framed Artwork Carefully

Canvas and framed works of art should be handled with the utmost care. They are delicate, so handle by their frame or outer edges only. For storage, protect the edges with cardboard and consider layering acid-free paper on both sides, then adding a few layers of cardboard before placing it in a cardboard box. Acid-free paper is built to protect important artwork during long-term storage. Also, store your works of art upright to avoid stepping on them or having items accidentally fall on them.

Pack Glassware Properly

Typically, glassware, china, and vases are placed in boxes when stored. To avoid breaking these delicate items, use plenty of bubble wraps and newspaper during the packing process. Before placing a piece of glassware in a box, ensure it has been fully enveloped in a layer of paper and wrap. Then, place several more sheets of paper or bubble wrap in the box in between your glassware. This process may cause you to run out of room in your boxes more quickly, but it will make sure everything will not break while being moved and stored.

Protect Your Fragile Appliances and Furniture

Appliances with stainless or otherwise shiny finish are prone to scratches if not properly protected. To protect your smaller appliances, wrap them in paper or plastic wrap. Larger appliances can be protected by using sheets or blankets to cover them. Furniture, especially furniture with fabric material, is susceptible to dust while in storage. To keep dust away and protect your furniture pieces, cover them with sheets. Avoid plastic as it can breed mold or mildew while you’re away.

Be Smart with Your Mirrors

Beyond just bad luck, a cracked mirror can be a danger to move and deal with. When you begin packing, use duct tape to make an X over the glass. This will prevent the glass from shifting during the move to storage, and if it does crack, it will keep the glass together. Then, utilize foam board, bubble wrap, or another cushy fabric to cover the mirror. Cover any edges of the frame with cardboard corners. Finally, store it in a vertical box so other objects don’t crush the mirror.

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Pack and Store with Care

We hope these tips are useful to you in packing your fragile items. Packing your items with care will ensure your moving and storing process is a breeze!

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