Bay Street Storage of Post Falls, Idaho, has two convenient locations on Bay Street and 3rd Street. Now that you know where we are, do you know what size you need? Selecting the right self storage buildings can be overwhelming, but with our in-depth size guide, you’ll be renting a unit in no time!

Compact Storage Units

5×5–This self storage unit is perfect for college students, small apartment dwellers, or the minimalist. If you have only a small bedroom suit to your name, this is the best option for size, and price, for you. Expect to fit a small dresser, a twin mattress, and several small-to-medium sized boxes.

5×10–Think of this space as your average walk-in closet. If stacked appropriately, you could fit a medium-sized bedroom suite. This would include a queen-sized bed, a dresser, a TV, and roughly 20 medium-sized boxes. As one of more popular units for college students, it works great for small offices as well. Instead of a deeper storage unit, we also offer a more shallow 10×5 version at our Bay Street location.

Most Popular Self Storage Buildings

10×10–Roughly half the space of a one-car garage, this is easily one of the most versatile self-storage units around. One of the reasons this size is so popular is that it can fit furnishings for a small, two-bedroom home or apartment. Furthermore, this is a really popular choice for most local Post Falls offices.

10×15–Available at our Bay Street location, the five extra feet added to this unit can give you enough space for a moderately sized three-bedroom home. Or, if you have a two-bedroom home with a lot of recreational gear, this is a great unit for you. It’s common for people to store larger items such as sectional couch or full bedrooms suites.

10×20–This unit is roughly the size of a one-car garage. If you have oversized furniture or many large-scale items such as a piano, or a full dining room suite, this is a great self storage unit for you. Many renters who have a three-bedroom homes with many yard tools or a hobby that requires many materials often select this unit for their storage needs.

King-Sized Storage Units

12×30–This spacious unit can hold the contents of about a 40-foot moving van. It is a popular choice for large, multi-room households, with many appliances or large furniture. You can find these units at both our Bay Street and 3rd Street locations.

14×30–Now we’re talking storage units! This king-sized unit boasts approximately 420 Sq Ft and can accommodate all your big toys and household items. Best for a four-to-five bedroom home, you’ll be able to bring everything except the kitchen sink.

14×40–Available at our 3rd Street location, this is the largest enclosed self storage building available. With approximately 560 Sq Ft, this building provides enough space for a multi-family home, large recreational toys, and large landscaping tools.

Contactless Self Storage

Before you start looking at self storage availability, begin taking inventory of everything you plan to store. Even get out a measuring tape to determine the size of your largest items. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Many small items can be placed in standard-sized boxes, which can be stacked upon each other. Once you have an idea of how large and how much you plan to store, reference our detailed size-guide.

Furthermore, Bay Street Storage offers contactless self storage solutions. With the spreading of disease on everyone’s mind, renting and storing with us as never been safer, or easier. You can now rent and pay online, limiting your social interactions. Don’t fret! We have a friendly and knowledgeable manager on-site to help you anytime you need or want.

What are you waiting for? Our storage units are going fast–Rent or Reserve today!