Being small business in the self storage world, we know a thing (or two) about moving.

Let’s face it, July is peak moving season. Whether you are moving for a new job, downsizing into a smaller home, or protecting family heirlooms, Bay Street Storage has a unit just for you. Moving can be a hassle–that’s why we’re providing you information on 3 moving boxes that you shouldn’t move without.

The Wardrobe Box

Bay Street Storage unit wardrobe box storage for clothes

Wardrobe boxes keep your clothes tidy and organized!

Listen: We can’t tout the wardrobe box enough. While it may seem excessive, it will save you moving time and energy.

Studies show that one of the top reasons for moving is for a new career or job. In most instances, house-closing and moving windows meet right against the start of a new job, not leaving you very much time in between to unpack. We all know that first impressions matter, and you don’t want to arrive at your new job in wrinkly clothes. When you use a wardrobe box, you can eliminate the stress of untidy clothes for your new position by keeping them on the hangers and transporting your clothing on the handy metal hanging bar that is attached inside the box.  Just think of all the laundry and ironing you’re saving yourself from!

Whether you purchase a wardrobe box from Lowes, Home Depot, or U-Haul, the price falls just under $13 dollars. Each box can hold up to 100 pounds and approximately 2 feet of your closet space. The average household needs about five wardrobe boxes. If you are moving across state, or multiple states, the wardrobe box is worth the cost. Moreover, these boxes are really easy to stack in our Bay Street Storage units. Finally, when you are finished with the box, we can tell you from experience that children love to play with these boxes. We don’t know about you, but that sounds like a win-win!

The TV Box

Post Falls Idaho man packing tv safely in a tv box is the best way to store a tv for moving and self storage moving boxes

Spending $25 on a TV box is better than spending $600-$6,000 on a new TV!

Flat screen TVs are often heavy and awkward to move; moreover, they are incredibly fragile. A television is one of those commodities that you definitely want to protect when moving or storing your household goods. Don’t become one of those people who wrap their TV in a blanket, only for something heavy to be placed on it, either scratching or breaking the screen. OOPS!

Studies show that the average American household has approximately 2.6 televisions. With the cost of TVs ranging from $600-$6,000, it seems worth it to purchase a television moving box for under $25 dollars. While the price of a TV moving box may seem steep, it’s more than just a box. Most kits comes with foam corners to eliminate unnecessary shifting in the box, and a foam bag to wrap your TV in for added protection. You can even go an additional step and add that blanket that you were originally thinking would be enough for transporting or storing your TV.  We’d rather you spend the money on a TV moving box, rather than having to purchase a new TV!

Dish Boxes

moving boxes for dishes and using packing paper is the best way to move and store dishes and glassware

Glasses and dishes are the most likely to break on a move…be prepared!

At Bay Street Storage, we are looking out for YOU. While we are in the business of self storage, moving and packing is an essential part of storing. Did you know that the number one item that breaks when moving are drinking glasses? Did you also know that plates are the second most likely item to break while moving?

Purchasing dish boxes, or dish kits, packing paper, and tape, really helps save your most fragile dishware items.  You might be wondering, how is a dish box different from regular moving boxes? First, dish boxes have a double layer of corrugated cardboard, which adds protection and stability to your most fragile items. Secondly, many kits come with a cardboard divider that allow for you to separate your glassware. Even though you may think a buying a dish box is enough, you also need plenty of packing paper. Be sure to wrap each piece with the packing paper, and store the heaviest items on the bottom.

Contain Yourself!

We get it: Buying boxes for specific items can seem excessive. For most household items, we recommend visiting your local grocery store and asking a clerk for leftover banana and apple boxes (they are super sturdy and free!).  However, for more specific (and precious) items, it’s best to buckle down and buy the 3 moving boxes listed above. You’ll find that it will make moving, storing, unloading, and unpacking, less stressful in the long run.

Did we mention that July is a busy moving season? Which also means that our storage units are being snatched up quickly. Contact us today to find what’s available at our two locations in Post Falls, Idaho.