Summer has come and gone and winter is slowly creeping up. Winter doesn’t officially start until December 21, but the snow and cold are sure to come sooner. Winter storage is tricky because there are so many items that need to be packed and stored away, and forgetting something is bound to happen. No need to worry though, because Bay Street Storage has you covered.

We’ve created this quick-tip guide to storing the most common summer items. These winter tips will have you prepared no matter what you’re storing.

Packing up the Summer Fun at Bay Street

Summer fun includes biking, kayaking, camping, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. But as the warm weather begins to fade away, those outdoor actives do as well. To avoid damages, pack your camping and summer gear and store it in an indoor storage unit at a Bay Street location.

Storing your summer gear in your basement or garage is an option, but these areas are prone to water damage, and the last thing you want is to ruin your expensive equipment. Putting your camping equipment, bikes, and kayaks in a personal storage unit will keep them safe and secure until the spring.

Don’t forget to pack up your grill and patio furniture too!  Plastic patio furniture can become brittle after weathering the seasons, and wicker and wood should be protected from snow. A good cleaning before storing, no matter what the furniture is made of, will help you avoid mold and mildew problems. Don’t leave your grill sitting out in the cold to face the elements either. Clean it thoroughly, remove the propane tank, and place your grill in the unit. It will stay safe in your personal storage unit until the next barbeque season!

Personal storage units at Bay Street Storage.

Bay Street Storage will keep your summer gear safe all winter!


Putting Away the Warm-Weather Clothes

With cooler weather comes cozy sweaters and warm coats. But as you start putting your cold-weather clothes back into your closet, you may find it quickly running out of space. Instead of keeping your warm-weather t-shirts and shorts in your closet, pack them up and put them away for the winter.

Having clean, dust-free clothes is essential for storing. Shake off any dust and get rid of any stains before putting your clothes in your personal storage unit. If you ignore that stain on your t-shirt now, it will be extra difficult to remove after a winter packed away in storage. If you’re storing any dry-cleaned clothes, take them out of the dry cleaner’s plastic bag. Those bags can trap moisture and that can lead to mildew or discoloration.

Making sure you have the right supplies for clothing storage is just as essential as having the right storage unit! Here’s a small list so you can make storing your clothes a breeze:

  • Hangers: If you plan to store your clothes hanging, then selecting sturdy hangers that won’t rust or discolor fabric is a necessity. If you’re going to store skirts and pants, grab some skirt hangers to avoid any creases.
  • Wardrobe boxes: With hangers, comes wardrobe boxes! These will keep your clothes dust, damage, and wrinkle-free.
  • Storage boxes: This may seem unneeded when there are things like wardrobe boxes. However, clothes like knits need to be folded rather than hung to keep their shape. Make sure to grab a few and label them correctly so you don’t lose your clothes!
Wardrobe boxes for keeping clothes dust and damage-free.

Grab a few wardrobe boxes to make winter storage a snap.

Safely Storing Your Summer Vehicles

Riding your motorcycle or ATV is great when the weather is nice and warm. But once the weather gets chillier, those fun recreational vehicles tend to stay parked until spring. Instead of trying to squeeze your vehicles in your garage or keeping them outside under the tarp, plan on storing them at a Bay Street location instead.

Don’t forget to store your lawnmower as well! While you may not use it for any joy rides, keeping it just as safe as your motorcycle is important. When you store your lawnmower, make sure you remove the spark plug, drain the fuel, and give the mower a good cleaning. Storing it properly will ensure it’s ready to go next spring.

Keeping You and Your Stuff Safe

Using these tips will make winter storage a breeze and you’ll be ready to pack your stuff away in no time. Bay street storage offers contactless self-storage solutions which make storing with us safer and easier. You can rent and pay online to help limit your social interaction further. No matter what, our on-site manager will be here to help you with all your Post Fall storage needs for the upcoming winter.