When you’re not using your boat or RV, keeping it safe in storage parking is a great idea. To help you store properly, here are our top tips for preparing for boat and RV parking.

Give Everything a Good Clean

First things first, give your boat or RV a good cleaning. A dirty vehicle can attract dust, grime, and moisture. Leftover dirt may also damage the paint, lead to rust and corrosion, and eventually weaken the body. So make sure dirt, mud, tree sap, bird droppings, and debris are cleared off the surface of your vehicle.

This is also the time to inspect vehicle seams, windows, doors, and roofs for any cracks. Cracks can lead to headaches down the road, like water damage, so catching them early is key. Reseal any minor problem areas if necessary.

And don’t forget to clean the inside too! Remove all perishables from the refrigerators or cabinets. Use all-purpose cleaning solutions on non-porous surfaces to get rid of bacteria and viruses. Vacuum any soft surfaces. And don’t forget the electronics. Switch off and unplug any appliances in your vehicles.

Keep Outsiders Away

A parked RV or boat can be a nice safe place for pests to set up camp while you’re away, especially in extreme weather conditions. To make matters worse, these critters tend to enjoy gnawing on wires, rubber linings, and other plastic components.

To avoid any uninvited pests, seal off any possible openings a critter can get through. Make sure windows are tightly closed. Temporarily cover air vents from the range hood and furnace as well as intakes. Cable storage hatches should also be securely closed as these wires are susceptible to pesky teeth. For your boat, a tight covering will also help. And aside from cleaning the interior thoroughly to remove food crumbs and residue, control measures like insect repellent and mouse traps are also options.

For Long Term Storage: Remove Battery

If you’re going to be leaving your vehicle in boat or RV parking for a while, you’ll want to remove the battery. Batteries discharge over time, even when the vehicle is in use. While parked for a long period, the battery can discharge too much. By the time you come back, you’ll be met with a dead battery. Avoid coming back to a dead battery by disconnecting and storing it in a separate safe and dry location.

Check the Tires

When it comes to boat and RV parking, making sure your tires are in good shape before you leave is essential. If tires in your RV or boat trailer are left unaired over a long period, flat portions can develop on the surface and treads. This will deform the rubber and make it unsafe for the road.

Whether it’s your boat trailer or RV, check the tire pressure and inflate all tires to the recommended amount. Also, consider purchasing special tire covers for that extra layer of protection, as extreme weather and UV rays can damage your tires as well.

Fill Up the Tank

Filling up your boat or RV tank is also good practice. Not only does this eliminate the hassle when you’re ready to get your vehicle, but it also protects your tank. A full tank helps keep excess air and moisture out. If moisture develops in your tank, it can rust it over time. If you’re leaving your boat or RV in parking long term, consider adding a fuel stabilizer to prevent the fuel from degrading.

Consider a Cover

If your boat or RV parking is outdoors, think about getting an all-weather cover specifically designed for the size of your vehicle. It should be fitted with enough tie-downs so it won’t flap around if a strong wind blows. And it should also have enough ventilation to avoid moisture getting trapped between the material and the vehicle’s exterior. When in doubt, look for a cover that was made for your specific vehicle make and model.

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