Whether you’re moving homes or just decluttering your stuff, having a storage unit to put your things in is extremely helpful. To help you do it right, here’s a list of the most popular stored items, along with a few tips on how to store them.

Seasonal & Holiday Items

After the holiday season is over and done with, storing costumes, holiday décor, and lights is a good idea. Taking the time to properly stow everything in your unit will save you from a few headaches and make next year easier. Here are a few tips on how to properly store your seasonal items:

  • Tangled lights can ruin even those in the jolliest mood. So, give yourself the gift of tangle-free lights and wrap them around square pieces of cardboard. Tape down the ends and you’ll have organized, untangled lights ready for next season.
  • Ornament containers are designed with layers so you can stack and store all your Christmas ornaments easily and safely.
  • Turn off EVERYTHING with batteries. By checking to make sure everything is off, you can save the batteries for another season which will save you money in the long run.
Art, Antiques & Collectibles

If you own a lot of art and antiques but are running out of room in your home to store them, a storage unit is a great way to keep them safe and secure. Here are a few tips for when you store them:

  • Never wrap any of your art or valuables with plastic wrap. If you do, you risk trapping humidity and damaging your items beyond repair.
  • Instead, wrap items fully in clean pieces of cloth. This will keep dust and dirt from accumulating on the surface.
  • Avoid stacking wall art on top of each other as it can cause damage to the frames and glass. Instead, place them vertically, off the floor, with cardboard in between them.
Books, Magazines & Photographs

One of the top contenders in the most popular stored items are photos, books, and magazines. Whether you’re storing treasured memories or valued book collections, these items are perishable and need to be stored correctly. Here’s how to do that:

  • Don’t leave your photos, books, and magazines out in the open as that will cause their degradation to quicken. Protect them from light, heat, and dust by storing them neatly in boxes with protective cases.
  • If you want to go the extra mile for your photos, place them in acid-free protective film, as it can prevent degrading.
  • Putting up storage shelves in your unit can make storing books easier.

It’s hard for many people to part with their beloved electronics. That’s why they’re up so high on the list of popular stored items. No matter how long you’ve had your pieces, here are some tips for storing them:

  • When storing, label every part of your electronics so you don’t mix them up. You may have difficulty telling pieces apart later on!
  • Computers need to be stored properly. If they aren’t, even the smallest amount of static could result in short circuits. Anti-static bags can be used for small parts, and all monitors, desktops, and laptops should be wrapped and padded carefully.

The most popular stored items? Furniture! Here’s how to correctly store furniture in your unit:

  • Disassemble large furniture to make storing easier. Don’t forget to keep screws with the right furniture pieces.
  • Wrap cushioning around any furniture with corners to prevent denting and scratching. Bubble wrap, towels, or blankets work best for this.
  • Clean fabric furniture before placing it in storage to prevent mildew and mold from growing on it.
  • For glass and mirrors, corrugated cardboard is great for protection.
Keep Your Stuff Safe at Bay Street Storage

No matter what popular stored item you want to put away, with these tips they’ll be kept safe and damage-free. Remember, at Bay Street Storage, we’re here to make your storage experience as easy as possible. If you need any help, let us know.

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