It’s time to ditch the closet clutter! Here are some key tips to help you tackle your closet organization.

Remove Everything (Yes, Everything)

The main culprit for a messy and unorganized closet is the number of items you are trying to store. When you have too much, cramming things into your closet only makes things worse. So, before you start the organization process, you’ll want to empty out your closet entirely.

Not only does this help give you a better idea of what you have on hand, but it will also help ensure you have an organized and neat closet at the end of this.

Sort and Save

Next, you’ll want to go through each and every item and decide if you want to keep, donate, or toss.

This is the time to be picky about what you’re keeping. Ask yourself whether or not you want to hold onto each item. Have you worn it recently? Is it a special occasion piece? Does it have flaws or damages? Does it fit? Sometimes, it can be hard to let go of items that have sentimental value or are a “goal” piece to try and fit into again. But these items not only take up closet space, but they can also take up mental space as well. When it comes to closet organization and peace of mind, it’s best to let these items go. If you’re having trouble letting go of sentimental pieces, try upcycling them and turning them into a pillow, a blanket, or something else useful.

At the end of this process, you should be left with a pile of items that flatter you, fit you, and you can’t part with, a pile of clothes that are in good condition but it’s time to let go, and a pile of items that have done their job and can’t be passed onto anyone but the trash.

Swap with Seasons

If you’re still left with quite a bit of clothing, don’t worry, it doesn’t all have to go back into your closet. Using self-storage to keep seasonal items out of the way is a great way to improve your closet organization. Separate your wardrobe into spring/summer clothes and fall/winter clothes, and keep the current season’s clothing hung up in your closet. The off-season clothing can be placed in bins and kept safe and snug in a storage unit that you can enter whenever you need to access your items.

Choose Closet Organizers

Just before you go back and hang everything up, you should determine your storage options. A common issue with many closets is the lack of hanging bars and shelves and inadequate storage for specific items like accessories and shoes. So, when it comes to optimal closet organization and functionality, you’ll want to create flexible hanging space with the right closet organizers.

This can include hanging cubbies, hanging purse organizers, belt or scarf hangers, hanging racks for shoes or accessories to place behind closet doors, and the list goes on. Whatever will help you maintain order in your closet is a worthwhile investment.

Utilize Bins and Baskets

Dedicated closet organizers are incredibly useful, but remember to utilize bins and baskets as well! Adding containers to your closet will help utilize otherwise wasted vertical storage and floor space. They also help group like items together and can come with lids, so even if the bins are a little messy inside, the rest of the closet won’t look it! Just remember to label your bins and baskets so you remember where everything is stored.

Don’t Forget Your Hangers

To help you save on space and give your closet an elevated and organized feel, try and unify your hangers by buying multiple of the same type. This will prevent a cluttered look and ensure no one hanger is taking up too much space. You can also get space-saving hangers, like pant hangers, to save you even more space in your closet.

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If you’re ready to organize your closet, Bay Street Storage is here to help.

Bay Street Storage is Here to Help You Make Room in Your Closet

Whether you want to store your seasonal clothing away in the off-season or have a place to keep all your extra bags and shoes, a self-storage unit is a perfect place to gain extra space. You can store your extra items safely and securely for as long as you need. Renting a unit also allows you to access your closet content whenever you need to swap out your items.

If you’re ready to organize your closet, Bay Street Storage is here to help. No matter what size unit you need, we have something to accommodate you. We have two convenient locations in Post Falls for you to choose from, and we’ve got all your storage needs covered. We’re here to make your storage experience easy. If you need any help, let us know!