This time of year, transitioning from one holiday to the next means it’s important to have your holiday decor storage under control. It’s not the most fun part of the holidays, but utilizing our tips can help you save time storing and retrieving items for the next holiday season.

Group Like Items

The easiest holiday decor storage tip is to group items seasonally for easy retrieval. But if you have a lot of decorations, you may find certain holidays have multiple storage bins. To help you organize things further, try grouping your decorations within each season. You can group by color, material, purpose/function, or area they go in your home. By making those groups and clearly labeling your storage bins, you’ll be relieved to find all your gold ornaments or red accent pieces in the same place when it comes time to decorate!

Store Your Wreaths and Christmas Tree Right

When it comes to holiday decor storage, we can’t forget about wreaths and artificial Christmas trees. Wreaths can be crushed easily, so it’s best not to store them in a bin or box. Instead, cover them in a plastic or dry-cleaning bag and hang them up. This will help keep them nice and fluffy while keeping any dust from gathering on them in storage.

Your Christmas tree will require a larger storage space. If you can, store your tree in its original box. If you don’t have it, no worries, there are a few options you can use instead. One option is taking apart your tree and storing it in a few plastic bins. Christmas tree bags are also good for artificial Christmas tree storage. Or you can take some cling wrap and bundle your tree up. When the next holiday season hits, you just cut through the plastic and fluff the branches.

Candy colored Christmas lights lit up and tangled on the floor - not ready to be placed in holiday decor storage.

To keep Christmas light from tangling, coil lights around a clothes hanger or piece of cardboard.

Protect Holiday Decorations

Few things are more frustrating than opening up a box of tangled holiday lights, shattered ornaments, or ruined Hanukkah candles. But a little extra care (and some clever storage tips) will keep these decorations safe for years to come.

For Christmas tree ornaments, place them in ornament-specific containers, or go to your local grocery store and grab some bottle boxes. Large or oddly-shaped ornaments should be stored in their original ornament boxes whenever possible. Do not put any heavy decoration boxes on top of ornaments in storage. For Christmas lights, separate outdoor from indoor lights after use and label them so you don’t get confused. You can do this by putting a piece of masking tape on each bundle and label accordingly. To keep them from tangling, coil lights around a clothes hanger or piece of cardboard. And for tapered Hanukkah candles, store them in toilet paper or paper towel rolls stuffed with tissue paper and keep away from warm temperatures.

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We can help you safely store your holiday decor all year long!

Find an Offseason Home for Your Decor

Holiday decorations might be taking up valuable space in your home, even if you have a way of organizing it. When you live in a small home or apartment, your space will feel cluttered faster. With a self-storage unit, you can safely store all your holiday decor you only use once a year!

Bay Street Storage has two convenient locations in Post Falls for you to choose from, and we’ve got all your storage needs covered. We’re here to make your storage experience as easy as possible. If you need any help, let us know!