Self-storage is a great way to put away items for your business, when you’re moving, or when your closet is getting a little too full. There are a few things you can do to make your storage experience easy and other things you can do to make storage difficult. We’ve created a list of storage do’s and don’ts for the best storage experience possible.

Bay Street Storage Do’s
Get a Self-Storage Unit Close to You

It might seem like a small thing to consider, but if your unit is far away, it can quickly become an issue. Especially if you’re going to be accessing your unit regularly. When you need to drop by your unit to quickly grab something, it won’t be possible when you need to plan an hour out of your schedule to head over to your far-away unit. A good storage unit is one that’s usefully located near you, so check to see where a storage facility is closest to your work or home.

Get a Unit that’s the Right Size

Need to store a bedside table and a few pairs of shoes? What about all the furniture in your home? No matter what you need storing, you need a unit that will be able to fit what you’ve got. If you rent a unit that’s too big for what you need to store, you’ll be wasting money. If you get a unit too small, then your stuff just won’t fit.

Good thing storage units come in a variety of sizes! A small 5’x5’ can fit extra items and a small furniture piece or two. But if you need something on the other end of the spectrum, a 14’x45’ is about the size of a three-car garage and can fit furniture or even a camper or RV! If you need help deciding on a unit size, don’t hesitate to call up the storage facility so you can discuss your options.

Store Items Properly

Stacking and storing your items right is an important step. You don’t want anything to become damaged or broken.

Buy new, sturdy cardboard boxes. That way, they will hold up in storage for as long as you need. Place bulky, heavier boxes on the bottom of a stack and lighter, smaller boxes on top. Make sure to clearly label what the boxes are and what’s in them so you don’t lose or accidentally kick around a box with wine glasses in it. Creating a log of what items you put where will help you keep track of your belongings and keep you organized for when you need to get certain items out of storage.

Bay Street Storage Don’ts
Store Things You’re Not Supposed to

There are lots of things you can put in your self-storage units. However, flammable items, food, plants, and organic matter aren’t some of those things. Those no-no items can wreak havoc on your unit (and a storage unit facility). Please, leave these items out of your unit!

Store Your Valuables

Even with perfect protocol, things can go wrong and accidents happen. You can get storage unit insurance if something is stolen, and that can save you from any financial issues you may come across. But insurance won’t be able to replace your valuable and sentimental belongings. To save yourself from heartbreak, store your one-of-a-kind valuables at home.

A woman getting stressed because her self-storage unit is too full.

Don’t clutter up your unit, or it may cause a headache later on. 

Clutter and Overcrowd Your Unit

A crowded unit can be a headache to try and sort through, as well as a potential hazard. Stacking your boxes too high could lead to them toppling on to you, and that can hurt you. And don’t store so much in your self-storage unit that you can’t easily access everything. If you have to climb over boxes to reach your stuff in the back, you’re doing something wrong. Try and make walkways so you’re able to reach everything. If you can’t manage that, it might be time to move up a unit size.

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